Custom Style Rear Turnsignal Light Taillights 911

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Here I have something very special!

Custom high precision CNC Taillights nickel plated with a single piece lens. So no more visible screws and no more bad fitment! Those fit perfectly any G-Model 911 or backdate 911 with F-Model Style Taillights. The openings for the bulbs are specifically made for the 964 loom. That brings modern bulb connectors to every 911.

The taillights are mounted from the backside with 2 screws for a much cleaner look!

I have now also a version of Lenses with a reflector pattern. These parts are in general build to order and come with an estimated shipping time of 3-4 weeks. 

IMPORTANT: Customers from non-EU countries or other Companies are fully tax exempt. Prices are then 19% off!

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Installation instructions will be sent after purchase as a PDF file.