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Learn more about OCP

About us

About us

Helping You Craft Automotive Excellence

OCP: Passion, Precision, Performance.

At OCP (Ollis Custom Parts), our journey is a testament to our unwavering passion for automotive precision and performance. With roots deeply embedded in the classic car community, we’ve spent years honing our products, becoming synonymous with excellence in the industry. Our parts have been incorporated into some of the best known, and some quietly commissioned one-off, automotive performance jewels on the planet.

Our story begins with a shared love for classic Porsches and other performance vehicles, sparking a vision to elevate these timeless icons. We embarked on a mission to create bespoke parts and innovative lighting solutions, blending traditional craftsmanship with cutting-edge technology. Our designs and production models have been guided and sculpted by former members of world class teams including Volkswagen, Audi, and Bugatti. 

From 3D scanning and meticulous design, to precision machining and finish, every step in our process is a labor of love. Where others use injection molding or casting, we typically mill from solid blocks and finish to perfection. It is a more expensive production process, but it consistently yields the quality to the specs our clients want and expect for their builds. We don’t just produce innovative car parts; we bring your automotive dreams to life. Our dedication to superior design, and our customers, has made us a trusted name among backdate/restomod enthusiasts, restorers, and top-tier builders around the world.

Join us in celebrating the art of automotive restoration and customization. Explore our world of precision engineering, where every detail counts and where your passion becomes our purpose. Welcome to OCP!

Why Choose
Ollis Custom Parts?

One Source

At Ollis Custom Parts, we streamline the entire process. From concepts and precision engineering to finishing touches.

Perfect Precision

With 3D scanning, meticulous construction, and unrivaled attention to detail, we ensure that every part is a masterpiece.

Unparalleled Quality

We source the finest materials and employ skilled artisans to guarantee unparalleled quality in every component we produce.

Decades of Expertise

Our team combines traditional craftsmanship with modern techniques to transform your car into a bespoke work of art.

Learn what our happy  customers say about us

See what our satisfied customers have to say about their experience with OCP and our premium custom car parts.
OCP exceeded my expectations! Their attention to detail and passion for quality truly shine through. My Porsche has never looked better.
Sarah M.
I’ve been a classic Porsche enthusiast for years, and OCP is my go-to for top-notch custom parts. Exceptional quality and service every time.
Robert S.
The team at OCP turned my dream into reality. Their expertise and dedication to perfection made my G-body project truly exceptional.
James L.

OCP’s lighting solutions transformed the aesthetics of my air-cooled classic. They’re the go-to source for Porsche enthusiasts seeking perfection.

Liam B.

From start to finish, OCP’s professionalism and craftsmanship impressed me. I highly recommend them for any automotive project.

Michael W.

OCP’s commitment to precision is unmatched. I couldn’t be happier with the custom parts they crafted for my 993 Porsche.

Emil H.
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