OCP 964 / G-Model Modern Carbon Ducktail

OCP 964 / G-Model Modern Carbon Ducktail

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964 / G-Body Modern Carbon Ducktail – Our modern ducktail is higher, adding more downforce, and the flowing modern design lines mesh perfectly with the backend of your car to enhance the overall look. This is a direct replacement for the stock ducktail.

Optional – Aluminum grill available.

Comes in black carbon fibre. Clear coat is applied by customer after trimming to fit their specific car (all Porsches vary slightly, so we have accounted for this in the design/manufacturing process).

Manufactured upon order. Typical turn time is 4-5 weeks.

Please contact us directly if you have questions or require adjustments to meet your specifications, sales@OllisCustomParts.com.


with Grill, without Grill


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